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#1 Ranked Video on YouTube

Get a video ranked on the FIRST PAGE OF YOUTUBE for specifically targeted keywords that will bring you new clients every month!

Are you trying to get more clients? Have you just recorded a new video for your business? Or are you simply trying to put some of your existing videos to good use? If this is you, then you have come to the right place. This groundbreaking service to local businesses in any city, in any market, and in any niche. With some SEO research on our end, we can get your video ranked on the number 1 spot on YouTube.

The best part about this service is that you only need 1 video, and with that video, you can rank for multiple different keywords on YouTube, effectively doubling, tripling, or more, your exposure and lead-generation possibilities. 

We offer three different packages, ranking a video on the #1 spot of YouTube for...

  • 3 Keywords, $150/mo

  • 5 Keywords, $200/mo

  • 7 Keywords, $250/mo

(prices are subject to variations depending on the level of competition in your market)

What is a keyword in this context? For example: If you are a real estate agent in Miami, FL, one of the keywords we would rank your video for would-be residential real estate agent Miami.

This is the keyword phrase that, when searched on YouTube, would result in your video being the #1 organic ranked result. 

PLUS.. we design the YouTube Thumbnail for your videos as well. Your video will be decked out with an eye-catching title, description, AND thumbnail graphic so potential clients won't be able to resist your videos!



Starting at $150/mo