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Ranked Organic Ads on YouTube

Tired of spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on PAID advertising?? Trust us, we understand. Paid ads are effective in their own right, but they can become dreadfully expensive. That is why we offer this service to local businesses. We'll get an ad for your business ranked on the #1 page of YouTube, guaranteed! AND, depending on the market and niche you are ranking for, your ad can potentially rank on the #1 page of GOOGLE as well. 

If you don't have an ad image, we design it for you as well. Contact us to learn more!

We offer three different packages, ranking a video on the #1 spot of YouTube for...

  • 3 Keywords, $100/mo

  • 5 Keywords, $150/mo

  • 7 Keywords, $200/mo

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Starting at $100/mo